PowerBuilder World Tour


May 6-8, 2015


The North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group (ncpbug.org), Appeon CorporationNovalys and Zeenyx are pleased to announce the 2015 Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference to be held on May 6-7-8 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As with the successful inaugural event in 2014, the focus of the conference is the unparalleled Rapid Application Development tool PowerBuilder.

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The NCPBUG announced they’ve got over 25 PowerBuilder centric sessions and counting, including a session on the latest version of your favorite IDE, PowerBuilder 12.6!

The 2015 conference will welcome Bruce Armstrong, Chris Pollach, Brian Le Suer, Ronnie Po, Christophe Dufourmantelle, Armeen Mazda and Matt Balent. They will present a number of technical topics including: Using .NET Non-Visual Assemblies in PowerBuilder Classic, Implementing SSL into Your Appeon Mobile/Web Applications, Rolling Your Own JSON Parser and many more.

As part of the PowerBuilder World Tour, the Charlotte PowerBuilder Conference brings the latest news and information on all things Appeon and PowerBuilder. Learn how to quickly modernize and extend your PowerBuilder applications with Web, Mobile, and Cloud technologies from Appeon Corporation. See how to upgrade the look and feel of traditional PB apps with new GUI components and internationalization tools available from Novalys. Attend sessions on current GUI design and application development from industry veterans. Workshops on topics such as stored procedure debugging, getting the most out of your source control system, and the "how tos" of working with application frameworks are in the mix right now.

You also have the occasion to attend the "Pre Conference" PowerBuilder training classes for the intermediate level prior to the actual conference, led by the experienced PB instructor Yakov Werde.  You will not find a better PowerBuilder value for your hard earned dollars anywhere in North America. Pre-registration for the three day event is only $295 – thats 40% off the normal registration price of $495. The registration for the "Pre Conference" can be secured along with the conference registration.

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Center City Campus – University of North Carolina at Charlotte
320 E. 9th Street
North Carolina
United States