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PowerBuilder for Professionals: 2 day hands on training

NCPBUG is pleased to again offer PowerBuilder training as part of the conference. Conference activities will take place at the Center City Campus of the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and are subject to change or cancellation. The two "pre-conference" PowerBuilder training classes for the intermediate level will take place on Monday, May 4 (class one) and Tuesday May 5 (class two). Each track will be led by experienced "certified" PowerBuilder instructor Yakov Werde.

The class registration fee is $300 and can be secured along with the conference registration. Make sure you select the appropriate training session at registration.

All attendees will receive printed and pdf presentations, lab instructions, setups and exercise solutions. Each training class will be conducted on a single day. Each class lasts eight hours.

All attendees must bring a notebook computer loaded with PowerBuilder 12.x (1, 5 or 6), SQL Anywhere 12 or later and the .NET 4.0 redistributable.

Each topic has a least one and often several challenging stand-alone lab exercise(s) that are based on the common use-case lab application accompanying all eLearnIT PowerBuilder courses.

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Class one: PowerScript Topics

Architecture: Code for reuse and create maintainable code using Custom Class User Objects and Service Oriented Design patterns
Advanced Object Orientation: Code efficiently and safely for reuse using PowerBuilder's Object Oriented language features
Dynamic User Interfaces: Create User Interfaces that are both runtime configurable and
Integration: Use COM InterOp and the PowerScript OLEObject and External Function DLLs to integrate logic written in .NET or C++ with your PowerBuilder application
Other possible topics: (Time allowing, class votes) (1) Improving error handling and reporting, (2) Improving performance by multithreading logic and data access routines

Class two: DataWindow Internals and Performance Tuning

Code precise database transactions: (1) Understand and master "AutoCommit" to take control of your database transactions (2) Verify your performance with SQL monitoring at both the application and driver levels (3) Influence generated SQL and database integrity by varying the contents of the SQL Where clause
Give dynamic behaviors to many elements of your DataWindow presentations using DataWindow object properties and DataWindow expression language
Use XML and DataWindows to rapidly interface your applications to external sources
Other possible topics: (Time allowing, class votes) (1) Improve reporting and data entry using Nested Datawindows (2) Provide a dynamic reporting tool in your application by creating dynamic datawindows from SQL statements

About Yakov Werde

YWHeadshotSmallFormatYakov Werde, MsEd is a veteran software developer with a passion for sharing his vast knowledge and experience with others.Yakov has been a certified Sybase Instructor and Developer since 1995 and is an avid enthusiast of Sybase/SAP technology. Yakov personally trained thousands of professional software developers on all aspects of enterprise application development using the PowerBuilder platform. Now a 20 year PowerBuilder veteran, SAP Mentor, Sybase MVP, [TeamSybase] member, certified Sybase Instructor, PowerBuilder .NET and SAP HANA pioneer, Yakov is well known in the PowerBuilder developer community as both an informative and entertaining presenter and serious application developer.